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Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee
Senior Pastor of Manmin Joong-ang Church

1. Testimony of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee

rev dr jaerock lee"Oh, Jesus Christ! Thank you!  
  You are really alive! You healed all my disease!"

The hillside of Kumho-dong was my hiding and resting place. There I could see the Han River(Seoul Korea) flow quietly. Many years had passed while I was living a hard life with a sick body and wounded heart and my family was totally destroyed. One day, my seventy-year-old mother unexpectedly visited me. She looked vacantly at me lying in my sickbed, and then she suddenly started to weep bitterly beating the floor with her rists.

"You should die, die! Death is a real filial duty for you."
Mother's wailing hurt me and tore my heart into pieces taking away my last hope for life. Strange but when I made up my mind to die, wiping away the tears flowing down my face, the eager desire to live suddenly welled up in my heart. A famous herb doctor even said that it was a miracle that I was still alive! My body was like a department store with all kinds of disease. But I started to struggle to live.

To live, I'd drink even the liquid of feces!
Modern medical science was not able to heal me, so I used all sorts of folk remedies. I ate whatever was said to be good for my health. I even changed my name and invited a sorceress to perform an exorcism. But to make things worse, I got the rheumatic arthritis and I had to hide myself. In this terrible situation, I heard that the liquid of feces was good for recovering my health. Although its stench was unbearable, I drank it earnestly. But it was all in vain and my condition got so worse that others had to help me urinate and defecate. I didn't know about God's providence and tried many things in human way, only to see no hopeful result for the future. My wife frequently ran away from home and my beloved mother wished I would die. Nobody can imagine how sorrowful and painful it was!

Oh! How can this be possible?
One day in April of 1974 when I had wandered in the valley of death for seven years, my second elder sister who lived in the countryside came and asked me to guide her to a place called Hyun-Shin-Ae's Altar(Church). I couldn't say no to her and I went there by holding my sister's arms and using my stick. When I entered to the place, I was so surprised. There were so many people praying loudly. They looked out of their minds to me. I thought I had to get out of that place before I also became crazy. But I was even more surprised to see my sister, who was a quiet person by nature, lifted up an shook her hands while praying. As people kept coming in and my sister didn't seem to care about me while she was praying, I didn't know what to do. So I just knelt down and closed my eyes as others did. At the very moment, my body suddenly became hot and it oozed sweat. Since that day, miraculous things began to happen. I hadn't been able to hear any sound because my eardrums were split. But I could hear the voices of people.  My intake was a few spoonfull of rice only, but I had a sudden urge to eat more and could eat a bowel of steamed rice at once with some meat. The pus in my ears and the joints and the lumps were gone. The skin disease disappeared!

"How come this happened?
By the power of God.  He healed all my diseases.  My wife and I wept for joy as we saw that seven years of pain were passed away. Recalling what had happened the day before at Hyun-Shin-Ae's Altar(Church), I knelt down before God and prayed to him. "Oh, Jesus Christ! Thank you! You are really alive! You healed all my diseases!".


2.  Signs and Wonders

What is a Wonder?

The "Wonder" refers to controlling the climate and weather including moving clouds, sending rain, stopping rain and etc.

As recorded in Bible,
- when Samuel called to the Lord, He sent thunder and rain(1 samuel 12:18)
- when Isaiah the prophet cried out to the lord, He brought the shadow ten degrees backward.(2 kings11)
- it had not rained for three years and six months with the prayer of Elijah. And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain.(James 5:17-18)

What is a Signs?
Signs refer to works of God healing the disabled or the handicapped like the blind, the deaf, the palsied, or the lame that are different from common diseases.

signs & miracle healing

1) Severe burn of 3rd grade on half the body. She was healed perfectly and now has a pure skin.

2) Systemic Lupus Erythematosus with Raynaud henomenon. The state after miracle(divine) healing

3) When the baby first came to the revival meeting after the doctor diagnosed her to be hopeless, she was a little larger than a palm of an adult's. But, she is going well after she was healed by the Power of God

4)Compression Fracture of the 1st Lumbar Vertebra, Fracture of the 3rd Sacral Vertebra, Cauda equina syndrome, Physically challenged of grade two. He came to walk without crutches through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer during the Two Week Revival Meeting in May, 2003


3. Extraordinary Miracle

Works of God's power taking place through the handkechiefs on which Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed

[Act 19:11-12] God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.

In handkerchief crusades in many countries, the blinds see, the mute speak, the lame walk and the disable get normal, many kinds of diseases are healed, and many wonders works of god's power are taking place.

1) Power Handkerchief Crusades shake the world
    [2005.10.11] Assist ministry   

2) Uganda Kampala Handkerchief Crusade ended up a great success
    [2005.06.12] Manmin TV

3) One-day Handkerchief Crusades with Pastor Heesun Lee
    [2005.05.08] Manmin joong-ang news   


4. Miracle Healing Water(Muan's Miraculous Water)

Salty Water Changed into Sweet Water !
On March 5, 2000, the salty and bitter water was changed into sweet and fresh one by the power of God through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer. Also the changed water, which contains God's power of healing, has caused a lot of surprising cases of divine healing.   

Biblical Background
marah[Exodus 15:23-25 NIV] " When they came to Marah, they could not drink its water because it was bitter. That is why the place is called Marah. So the people grumbled against Moses, saying, 'what are we to drink?' Then Moses cried out to the Lord, and the Lord showed him a piece of wood. He threw it into the water, and the water became sweet. There the LORD made a decree and a law for them, and there he tested them."

Aquarium of Muan Sweet Water
Aquarium of Muan sweet water was built so that the situation of the time of Noah might be embodied with the sweet water and that sea fish and freshwater fish live together.

Healing case Report through the Miracle Healing Water
Those who drink and put this water with faith on their skins get healed of their disease, get double-edged eyelids and even broken machines are repaired. Also when it is put on plants and animals that are dying, they came to life again. Miracle things happened that saltwater and fresh water fish was living together. It testfied that sea fish and river fish lived together during the Great Flood of Noah(Genesis 7)


5. Miracle Healing Testimony with Scientific Evidence

You might have heared about miracle healing happening everywhere but still you may have doubt and questions  in your heart like this.
 1.  Is it true?
 2.  Is there any medical evidance for this?

Yes, For your question we have answer here, Miracle healing with medical evidance.

Miracle Healing Case from WCDN(World Christian Doctors Network)

Miracle Healing Case from World Christian Doctors Network India

About divine Healing


6. Manmin Joong-ang Church

manmin joong-ang church

Manmin Joong-ang Church was started by Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee on 25th July 1982 with 13 members including children and established on 10th of Oct 1982.  Since then the members of this church following the teachings of the bible, devoted themselves to pray fervently for the growth of the church.  God considered the fervent prayers of this small group and blessed them to establish 3800 branches  with 95,000 members. 65 missionaries were motivated to spread the Gospel throughout the world.

Manmin Joong-ang Church has been trying to take the lead in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through books, seminars, crusades, high quality Christian culture, Internet broadcasting, and satellite.


7. World Outreach

Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee takes the lead in world mission by conducting overseas crusades in the USA, Tanzania, Argentina, Uganda, Japan, Pakistan, Kenya, the Philippines, Honduras, India, Russia, Germany and Peru.  Called as a 'worldwide pastor' through the overseas great united crusades by Korean major Christian newspapers

2002 India Miracle Healing Prayer Festival, rev dr jaerock lee

World Outreach

Overseas mission of Manmin Joong-ang church


8. GCN(Global Christian Network)

GCN is an abbreviation of Global Christian Network and is a Christian broadcasting network, organized to testify the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively and to evangelize the entire world by employing high technology of broadcasting and by producing and broadcasting quality programs with multi-language system. Main office of GCN in Atlanta, Georgia established its firm foundation by broadcasting 24/7 through New York Airwave Ch.17 and it is visting TV viewers in more than 300 cities of 38 states of the America 3hours everyday with La Familia christian network

Besides, MANMIN TV and TKV, affiliates of GCN are broadcasting to the evtire North America, Russia, Western, Europe, Israel and others, targeting all creation through satelites.

Before long GCN will grow and build up a Christian evangelism broadcasting network to cover the evtire globe with satelite, cable and public wave, and we will effectively and efficiently communicate the gospel of Christ to all nation and do the best to give a multitude of people a true salvation.

9. WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network)

The vision of a God's Servant Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee (Manmin Ministries, Seoul, Korea) was passed on to a group of Spiritual people to form the Mission of WCDN in the year 2004.

Two-thirds of Medical Schools in the US like Harvard and Johns Hopkins include courses on spirituality and faith in their curriculums largely because patients are demanding more spiritual care.  According to a Newsweek poll, 84% of Americans said praying for others can have a positive effect on their recovery.

When people doubted Jesus, He manifested to them wonderful works of power and authority that only Creator can do beyond the ability of human beings.  And the Bible tells us that those who believe in God can also perform the powerful works of God.

The interdenominational World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN) intends to inquire into the true state of miraculous healings occurring through the prayer of faith by gathering and carefully assessing evidential materials in cooperation.

   - WCDN




10. Grand Sanctuary Plan

The Grand Sanctuary
"World's largest church" to be built in south Korea

manmin joong-ang church, grand sanctuary plan

The Manmin Joong-ang Church, since its founding, received vision of the Grand Sanctuary from God. God wants the sanctuary to be built by the true believers who love God from deep within heart and have true faith in these last times.

In the providence of God, all kings and nations will take part in the construction of the Grand Sanctuary.

The main sanctuary of the Grand Sanctuary is designed in a circular shape. The distance between two main pillars facing each other, the diameter is 600 meters. The underground floors are all 20 meters deep. The structure is 40 meters high on the ground. Thus, the whole structure is 60 meters tall. The cross tower erected in the middle of the structure is 10 meters high. The main sanctuary is approximately 70 meters tall.

The Grand Sanctuary is a magnificent, beautiful building; its total space is over 283,800 square meters. In order to accommodate annexes and other facilities; it is estimated that about 990,000 square meters? land is required.


11. Manmin International Seminary(MIS)

1. The Establishing Purpose of This Seminary
This seminary follows the doctrine of the Korean education policy and every course of this seminary is based on the biblical teachings, particularly, it focuses on the five-folded gospel (Regeneration, Sanctification, Divine Healing, Resurrection and The Second Advent) and the theological teachings of Wesleyan and Arminianism. This seminary aims at cultivating church leaders and pastors who are armed with the gospel of holiness and willing to dedicate themselves to spreading the gospel to the world. We flatly stay away from liberal theological teachings and mystical theology and stand firm on evangelical doctrine so that we can follow the calling and will of God for this age. In addition, we place our value and goal on producing spiritual leaders who are equipped with the attitude of John Wesley's sanctification and Martin Luther's reforming movement.

2. The Education Goals of This Seminary
  1) We are to cultivate and produce spiritually-powerful and devotional pastors who will be taught and trained with the holiness gospel in accordance with the proclamation of The Korea United Holiness Church of Jesus and will be able to carry out the callings of God for this age.

  2) We are to cultivate and produce church leaders who have the experiences of the grace of the Lord, are accompanied with spiritual power and become like Christ in their characters through thorough training in the word of God and firm establishing in the biblical knowledge.

  3) We are to cultivate and produce missionaries who have deep spirituality through the word and prayers and live a martyr like life.  


12Profile of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee

  • President, United Holiness Church of Korea

  • Chairman, The Board of Directors of United Holiness Theological Seminary

  • Chairman, The Board of Directors of Washington Christian Radio System

  • President, The National Evangelization Paper

  • President, Light and Salt Mission  

  • President, The Christian World Revival Mission Association

  • President, Manmin World Mission  

  • President, Manmin TV  

  • Doctor of Ministry, Honorary Doctor of Divinity

  • Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's sermon is broadcasted in New York, Washington, Russia, Australia, the Philippines, etc.

  • Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's Christian Column is written in many papers like Dong-A, Chosun, Hankook, Kyounghyan, National Evangelization  

  • Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee has led many seminars for church leaders and great crusades around the world such as Washington, Baltimore, Maryland, Los Angels, Hawaii, Japan, Argentina, Tanzania, Uganda, Pakistan, Kenya, the Philippines, India, Honduras, Russia, etc.  

  • Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor, Manmin Joong-ang Church