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Jaerock Lee News
Thursday, 22 July 2010
Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2009 named
Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2009 named

IN VICTRY magazine together with the international news agency Christian Telegraph released a list of Christian ministers who, on our opinion, had most impact on world Christianity in 2009.

Rick Warren among the most influential Christians of 2009

Rick Warren – newsmaker of the year

Pastor of the famous church in the USA - Saddleback Church, became one of the most important newsmakers in the year of 2009. He led the prayer during President Obama’s inauguration, took stand to protect Christian values in America. His name most often appeared in the news headlines than the names of other Christian ministers.

Brian Huston among the most influential Christians of 2009

Brian Huston – media person of the year

Senior pastor of the Hillsong church Sydney that has its affiliate churches in capital cities of many other countries received the title of the media person 2009. Pastor Huston and his team began to actively use social Internet services in their ministry. The new worship album of Hillsong United jumped to top positions of the world charts and became the leader of downloads on the Internet. Also a major presentation of Hillsong TV-project The I Heart Revolution: We’re All In This Together was held in Sydney this year.

Rick Joyner among the most influential Christians of 2009

Rick Joyner – teacher of the year

The head of the MorningStar Ministries took the role of referee and spiritual mentor of Todd Bentley, who left the ministry in 2008 after the scandal following the divorce with his first wife. In the video interview Rick Joyner took with Todd and his new wife, he tried to show the root of the problem that happened with the young minister and to teach other Christians to escape such problems in the future.

Yonggi Cho among the most influential Christians of 2009

Yonggi Cho – pastor of the year

Pastor of the biggest church in the world, which is based in Seoul, South Korea, held a major conference for pastors. Thousands of Christian leaders from all around the globe came to take part in the conference. Despite of his age Yonggi Cho still continues to build his church and to teach pastors from all over the world to build affective and growing ministry.

John Maxwell among the most influential Christians of 2009

John Maxwell – motivator of the year

One of the most famous Christian writers entered a popular social network on the Internet in 2009. Now he has even more opportunities to share the principals of successful Christian life. His books continue to influence an enormous number of people all around the world, no matter whether they are Christians or not.

Morris Ñerrullo among the most influential Christians of 2009

Morris Ñerrullo – evangelist of the year

Evangelist with the name known all around the world visited countries of the former USSR in 2009. During his seminars with Christian pastors and leaders, the evangelist shared secrets of successful evangelism. Morris Cerrullo came with his grandson who took over the ministry of his grandfather.

Jaerock Lee among the most influential Christians of 2009

Jaerock Lee – TV evangelist of the year

Pastor of a mega-church in Seoul, South Korea, gave much importance to development of television ministry in his church in 2009. Even in affiliate Manmin churches during the service there are pastor’s Lee sermons broadcasted from the central church. Together with the TBN channel, a major Israel tour was held by Manmin church. Thousands of Christians from Israel as well as from around the world had a chance to view the tour through television.

T.D. Jakes among the most influential Christians of 2009

T.D. Jakes – preacher of the year

One of the most important preachers and a pastor of a big church in the United States of America visited Kiev, Ukraine in 2009. The goal of this visit was to preach for thousands of Russian-speaking Christians during the conference and to millions who watched the conference through television. Despite the economical downfall in the USA, Jakes’ ministry grew and became more affective last year.

Michael Bickle among the most influential Christians of 2009

Michael Bickle – man of prayer 2009

Founder of the International House of Prayer gathered about 500 000 people to take part in the international interdenominational prayer against abortions in Kansas. At his initiative a day and night prayer for the country and for God’s guidance for America began. The prayer movement grew around the country and prayer meetings are now being held in different states.

Mark Andersen among the most influential Christians of 2009

Mark Andersen – the strategist of the year

Initiator of the Christian movement Call2All thought out the plan of affective evangelism and mobilization of all Christian resources in different countries of the world. Conferences dedicated to development of evangelism strategies, are being held all around the world, even in countries forbidden for the Gospel.

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Malaysian publisher issued a book called ‘The Law of God’
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Malaysian publisher issued a book called ‘The Law of God’
Collection of Topical Messages on the Ten Commandments

The Managing Director of Manmin Publisher, Deborah Tang, Urim Books' cooperative publisher based in Johor, Malaysia, has published a book called “The Law of God” in English (ISBN 978-967-5372-06-3).

The Law of God, based on sermon messages of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor at Manmin Joong-ang Church, Seoul, Korea, is a collection of Rev. Dr. Lee's topical messages on the Ten Commandments.

The primary focus of this work is the reason our God of love has given us the Ten Commandments and the spiritual significance of each Commandment including ways to draw closer to Him, receive answers from Him, walk with Him, and meet with Him in everyday life.

And this book delves into topics and subjects every child of God must be taught.

Just as one individual needs proper education to prepare to face society, a child of God also needs proper education to be prepared to face heaven. This is where the law of God comes in. The laws of God, or His Ten Commandments, should be taught to every new child of God, and applied in every Christian's life.

If readers come to know the spiritual significance of the Ten Commandments that are discussed in this book, and come to understand the deep love of God who gave us the Ten Commandments and decide to live in obedience to His Commandments, they will receive incredible blessings from the Lord.

As every believer ought to read The Law of God, it is designed to be friendly to people of all ages and measures of faith anywhere, anytime.

Author Dr. Jaerock Lee is senior pastor of the Manmin Central Church in Seoul, South Korea, a 100,000-member international church which also has some 9,000 branch churches around the world and was recently named as one of the "Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders in 2009" by the Christian Telegraph newspaper, based in Kiev, Ukraine.

MMP ( is a newly established publisher in Johor, Malaysia and runs its own bookstore in Sarawak, Malaysia.

The “Law of God” is available through

Posted by manmindia at 9:34 PM EDT
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Sunday, 30 September 2007


By Dan and Peter Wooding

SEOUL, KOREA  (ANS) -- Dr. Jae-Rock Lee, the senior pastor of the 80,000-member Manmin Joong-Ang Church in Seoul, Korea, has revealed what he would like to say to North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il if they ever met. (Pictured: Kim Jong-il and father Kim Il Sung).

“If it happened and he would invite me, and knowing about me, I would preach to him about heaven and hell so that he could accept Jesus Christ as his Savior,” said Dr. Lee in an interview in his office in Seoul. “If that kind of thing happened, he must have some disease and some problem, and then it would be very easy to preach to him. If I prayed for him by the faith in Jesus Christ, then it would work and he would be healed by the power of God.” (Pictured: Dr. Lee in his office).

The contrast between North and South Korea is extraordinary. The North has only three legal churches in the country and has been designated by Open Doors as the “World’s Worst Persecutor of Christians,” while South Korea has one of the largest per capita number of Christians in the world.

Early last week, Dr. Lee said that that the recent train blast in Ryongchon, North Korea, that killed at least 161 people and injured at least 1,300 on Thursday, April 27, could “open up North Korea to the Gospel.”

He asked for prayer for the situation. “Both believers and non believers are doing their best to help the North Korean people and especially the believers of Jesus Christ pray that the door maybe opened through this accident so that people in North Korea may hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

“If the door is opened, we have been preparing a special team to go there to share the Gospel message and even some of them, even though they realize that they may have to lay down their lives and become martyrs, are willing to still go.

“We are very concerned for our own people in North Korea who are suffering so much.”

Then, in a rare interview, Dr. Lee then spoke about the first week of two weeks of revival meetings at his church.

“God has said that He would show the works that were written in the Bible during this first week of the revival meetings and He did just that,” he said. “God has said that during the next week, he will do even great things and we believe it will happen.”

My son, Peter and I, were amongst many overseas visitors to the church last week and so we asked him about what it had been like to meet with so many people from different countries.

“I felt that they really loved God and I was so glad to meet them and they were so pleased to witness the works of God during these revival meetings and they confessed that they will preach the Gospel through this experience so they can preach the Gospel to all of the world more greatly,” said Dr. Lee. “Also, they would like to cooperate together and that I was so excited to see and we can work together to preach the Gospel and accomplish His will on earth together that has what I felt through meeting with these leaders from different parts of the world.”

He was then asked about the way that the Koreans pray so fervently.

“From the establishment of our church, all the members have run so eagerly for the Kingdom of God and the members of our church have eager hearts because they have experienced the works of God in their reality and so they can pray because they love God and they are very happy stay long and even pray all night,” he said. “Lots of our members have experienced their own healing by the power of God and so they have a grateful heart for God. In the time of the first churches of the New Testament, the members got to together very gladly and likewise our members are very pleased to be together to pray and worship God.

“We see that the first churches grew so greatly, and so our members do like the members of the first churches and pray continually to God with all their hearts and have strong faith through witnessing and experiencing the power of God. The people who are saved are increasing with the signs and wonders that are written in the Bible and are being revealed in this in this church so they can preach the Gospel boldly to their friends and neighbors because they have experienced healing of God for themselves.”

When asked how people can pray for his ministry, Dr. Lee replied, “We ask people to pray for our World Mission programs and also so we can the Grand Sanctuary [a 200,000-seater church] and I also want people to pray for the Christian broadcasters are getting united to preach the gospel so we can preach the Gospel and the works of God to the whole world because the power of the media is very great so we can accomplish God’s Will.”

Finally, we asked who, besides Jesus Christ, he would like to meet when he gets to heaven.

He smiled and then said, “Abraham, Moses and in the New Testament, Paul. I want to especially meet the Apostle Paul because, even though he was persecuted so much, he ministered so much greatly. He couldn’t see anything, but he did his duty only by faith and I came to love and respect and I got this heart to follow him from the beginning of my religious life. In the darkness, Abraham, Moses and the Apostle Paul, couldn’t see anything, but if it was the will of God, they just followed and obeyed and that’s why I love them all so much.”

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Korean Christian Cultural Festival draws thousand to famous rock venue

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

OBERHAUSEN, GERMANY  (ANS) -- Thousands of Germans, Africans and Russians, attended the first night of a “2004 Korean Christian Cultural Festival” Friday, October 1, in the Arena Oberhausen where rock legends like the Rolling Stones have performed.

The multi-cultural cross-section of present day German life from in and around this town close to Düsseldorf, sang along and danced to worship music provided by the colorful Hallelujah Praise Mission and the Power Worship team from Seoul, South Korea, who had learned all of the songs in German. The meeting began with worship music from the talented Glubensgeneration church. (Pictured: Korean dancers in Germany).

The joy was no surprise to one local pastor who said, “When the spirit calls and when the Holy Ghost is working, you can dance and sing and shout and you raise up your hands and give God the glory. When you watch the people of the world in the discos and the concerts you see how they dance and they open themselves to show the joy, but when Jesus Christ comes into their life, then the joy is deeper and eternal, not only for a few times.” (Pictured: Dr. Lee preaching in Germany).

The three day festival is being led by Dr. Jae-Rock Lee, senior pastor of the 80,000-member Manmin Joong-Ang church in Seoul, South Korea who preached on the theme, “God the Creator?”

Dr. Lee told the audience, “God loves us so much and wants to bless us always, but to be blessed we must first of all know who He is correctly and believe in Him without doubt.”

He then said that God has four main characteristics:

  1. He is the creator
  2. He is almighty
  3. He is “I am who I am”
  4. The author of the Bible

After speaking for nearly hour (translated into English and German), Dr. Lee challenged people to repent of their sins and then for the sick to receive healing.

“Dr. Lee emphasized the need for the tangible evidences of God through healing as a way to manifest His power because many of the people of Germany are skeptical and so it is important to show the power of God through these evidences,” said Johnny Kim, who director of Manmin World Missions.

After the prayer for healing, many came forward to testify to what had happened to them. They included a seven-year-old boy carrying crutches who said that he had been unable to walk without the crutches since an accident. He then told the thousands there that God had healed him. (Pictured: Young boy testifies to his healing).

Another testifier was a 70-year-old woman who came to the venue in her wheelchair. She had not been able to walk for two decades. But after the prayer, she came forward unaided and walked on stage and then pushed the wheelchair around the platform enjoying her healing.

As with all of their crusades, a medical team from Korea worked with local German medics to check out people before they were prayed for, make a diagnosis and then investigate them medically afterwards, to confirm or otherwise their healing.

The three-day outreach which ends on Sunday, October 3, was being extended by live television coverage by four satellites including across Europe by Classic/Revelation TV based in the UK, RTVA in Spain, TKV, based in St. Petersburg, Russia, covering the former Soviet Union in Russian, and CNL based in Kazakhstan, which has 35 million cable family memberships in 76 countries. (Pictured: TV production at festival).

It was also web cast by Manmin TV in English, French, Korean, Spanish, Russian German, Chinese, Japanese and Tamil.

The Koreans were invited by Alexander Epp, who pastors Glubensgeneration, a Russian German independent Charismatic Church in Duisburg city about 20 minutes from Düsseldorf. The name of the church he ministers is which is composed of mostly Russian Germans.

After the service, Peter Rode, a German pastor from the nearby town of Holzweg said that he was aware that some German pastors had not supported the festival and because of this, he had decided to check the group out for himself.

“I was with the advance team for seven weeks and I been impressed with what I have seen,” he stated. “The preaching tonight by Dr. Lee was absolutely serious and absolutely correct Biblically. My Bible talks about the fact that signs will follow the preaching of God’s Word and that’s what we have seen tonight.”

Another German pastor explained the reluctance of some German leaders to be involved in the Korean outreach. “We Germans are aware that our people were once totally misled by a leader [Hitler] and so are often many are afraid to follow any other leaders. I personally think they are wrong in this instance by not being part of this outreach for souls and healing.”

Johnny Kim said that he had been told by many who attended the first night that they were encouraged to see the Good News proclaimed with such power in the land of the reformation. “We believe that God wants to reform even more lives here in this great country,” he said.

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Dr. Lee Jae-Rock and a team from Seoul will conduct a “Miracle Healing Festival” in downtown Lima from December 2-4

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

LIMA, PERU  (ANS) -- Peru's incredibly rich and compelling archaeological heritage and its great natural beauty--remarkable even in a continent renowned for its exotic vistas--draw tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Soon, a group of Korean Christians will visit the seat of several Andean civilizations most notably that of the Incas whose empire was captured by the Spanish conquistadors in 1533, to bring a taste of the extraordinary Korean revival that has been sweeping South Korea in recent times. (Pictured: Korean dancers who will perform in Lima).

The team will be led by Dr. Lee Jae-Rock, senior pastor of the 80,000-member Manmin Joong-Ang Church in Seoul, South Korea – its main church -- and they will hold a “Miracle Healing Crusade” at Lima’s massive downtown Campo de Marte Park, which can accommodate more than 500,000 people in the open air.

Joining Dr. Lee will be the Manmin worship musical team and dancers who have been learning worship choruses in Spanish and will perform each night before Dr. Lee’s sermons. (Pictured: Flag of Peru).

He will pray for the sick and before each service, a medical table will be set up for people who were sick to go and be diagnosed by Korean and Peruvian doctors and nurses and then after being prayed for, if they believed they are healed, they will return back so that the medics can check out whether the healing had taken place from a medical perspective.

Johnny Kim, who director of Manmin World Mission, who has just spent a week traveling throughout Peru with a Korean dance team to publicize the event, said during a stop-off at Los Angeles International Airport, “The Peruvian people are so excited now because of the great expectation of the blessings and manifestation of the Power of God. I have been there for the past week and I met lots of church leaders there and political leaders and communication leaders of the mass media in Peru and all of them agree that it is going to be a great blessing for the whole of Peru because they have been experiencing many difficulties there including the lack of development in parts of country. (Pictured: Dr. Lee preaching during previous crusade in Germany).

“They are expecting so much because of this crusade as only by the Word and Power of God can change their mindset and can change the whole country.”

Kim said that already the secular TV channels of Pan Americana TV (Channel 5), and Global TV (Channel 13), have been airing spots about the festival and also a 30 minute program about Dr. Lee’s previous crusades in different parts of the world.

“Channel 13 will broadcast live the whole event each night from 7-10 PM and right after it is over, Channel 5 will broadcast editing parts in a one-hour program,” he said. “Also, there will be three satellite channels transmitting the whole program to the world and we will have lots of Christian communicators around the world who will distribute these signals after downloading it from the satellites through their networks. They include TKV in St. Petersburg, which covers Russia and the Russian-speaking countries in Europe, and also, RTV Amistad in Barcelona, Spain who will translate the preaching into Spanish and cover Spanish-speaking countries through their own network.

“The representative of TBN in Latin America will also broadcast live the whole event to Latin America, North America and even Europe, as well as Christian TV networks in Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica.”

Kim added that Manmin TV will also web cast each night the services in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese French and Russian.

“I would ask people around the world to pray for God’s blessing on the meetings and that the people of Peru will be great blessed by what happens over those few nights in Lima,” he said, who added that the next crusade is being scheduled for Beijing, China, next May and then in November, there will be a similar crusade in Cairo, Egypt.

Lima, which has about 8 million residents, is a historic city that was founded in 1535 by Spanish Conqueror Francisco Pizarro. Peru has a total population of about 28 million.

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Some 15,000 Pakistani’s attend a unique Korean healing crusade in Pakistan’s largest city on September 17-18

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

KARACHI, PAKISTAN (ANS) -- “A great explosion of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ” has just taken place in the Pakistani city of Karachi, says one of the organizers, Johnny Kim, the director of Manmin TV in Seoul, Korea, in a message to ANS. (Pictured: Crowd at Kararchi crusade).

He said, “Some 15,000 people gathered together at Catholic Institute Ground in downtown Karachi during the evenings of September 17-18 to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and to experience the power of the living God from Pastor Mikyeong Lee from 100,000-member Manmin Joong-Ang Church, Seoul, Korea.”
(Pictured: Pastor Mikyeong Lee (left) with Johnny Kim interpreting in English and a local Urdu interpreter).

Kim went on to say, “Pastor Lee is the daughter of Rev. Dr. Jae-Rock Lee, the senior pastor of the Seoul church, and she was following in the footsteps of her father who conducted a great healing crusade in Lahore in 2000 which shook the whole land of Pakistan with the manifestation of God's power.”

Kim, in his report to ANS, said that Rev. Dr. Samson Jacob, the chairman of preparation committee of "2005 Karachi Handkerchief Crusade" said, "We have been longing to invite Rev. Dr. Jae-Rock Lee again to Pakistan and have prepared with a long time in prayer but now we are happy to have Pastor Mikyeong Lee, on behalf of Dr. Lee, here in Karachi. God has done marvelous works for the souls through her. So many people repented their unbelief and experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. The blind received sight again, the deaf came to hear, the cancers were healed and the paralytics came to walk throwing away their crutches. We give all glory to God Trinity!"

Kim said, “People continually came to the venue even after 8 P.M. while the local choir praised God Almighty with their own musical instrument on the special stage for this event.”

H.E. Rauf Siddiqui, the Minister of Home and Coordination of Government of Sind Province, came to the venue to congratulate the event and to encourage the crowd, mostly Christians but also many Muslims, right before the message saying, "The diseases comes to man as a punishment and we need to repent. If you are sick, you may go and see a medical doctor, he will give you some medicine. You may be healed or not be with the medicine. But when we pray to God with faith, he listens to us and heals."

The talented Crystal Singers, one of the praise missions of Manmin Joong-Ang Church, performed praises to God with singing in the Urdu language and dances in the local style with Pakistani dresses together with some Korean dances with local songs. (Pictured: The Crystal Singers).

The congregation was excited and responded enthusiastically when they sang especially, "Hallelujah Tarip Karenge! (Praise God!)"

Pastor Mikyeong Lee preached about "The LORD who heals you!" and "The power of the Holy Spirit" based on the messages of her father. She emphasized the effort to obey God's words in everyday life which she said, “Leads us to experience the power of the living God.” She added, “Only if we please him by faith in Jesus Christ through obeying God's word in everyday life, he would protect us from diseases and bless us both physically and spiritually."

“After the message, Pastor Lee prayed for the sick people with the handkerchief on which Dr. Lee had prayed just as written in Acts 19:11-12,” said Johnny Kim. “God did extraordinary miracles through the handkerchief prayer by Pastor Lee. So many people were healed and experienced the power of the Holy Spirit and testified what they experienced.

“For instance, a 7-year-old boy whose feet had been bent from the birth and not been able to stand up alone or walk, after receiving the prayer, came to walk by himself crying out, ‘Hallelujah!’ (Pictured: 7-year-old boy walking).

“An old man threw away his crutches and walked with joy and cancers were healed and God did manifest the power of the Holy Spirit in an explosive manner.

“Both Christians and Muslims were healed and testified in the name of Jesus Christ.

“Most importantly, the congregations came to have stronger faith in Jesus Christ and determined to obey God's word after experiencing the great manifestation of God's power themselves.”

Dr. Shakil Pervaiz from Islamabad, the capital city, testified that he saw a vision, while he was praying for "the handkerchief crusade", that God perform great miracles with the power of the Holy Spirit through the preacher.

Rev. Mushtaq Gulab, the interpreter from English to Urdu, who serves as the pastor of Manmin in Kashmir area and also serve as the Group Development Coordinator of Amnesty International (Pakistan) said, "I was blessed so much through the handkerchief crusade. I experienced myself the power of the Holy Spirit. Physically I couldn't make a loud voice when I interpreted but God Almighty strengthened me so that I might interpret energetically to the end."

Local authority supported the meeting with sending the police to escort the preacher, Pastor Mikyeong Lee, from the hotel to the venue and to protect the congregation from any possible violence or accident.

Johnny Kim concluded by saying, “We give all glory to God Almighty who planned this handkerchief meeting and did great works through the power of the Holy Spirit to lead the souls to Christ Jesus!”

On September 16, a pastor’s seminar was held on the subject of "The secret of church growth" based on Acts 2:42-47. Speakers used the example of Manmin church and about 700 pastors and church leaders attended.

Karachi is a city in southern Pakistan, and is the capital of Sind Province, on the Arabian Sea, at the northwestern edge of the Indus River delta. The hub of a sprawling metropolitan area, Karachi is the nation's largest city and its chief transportation, financial, commercial, and manufacturing center. Most of the international trade of Pakistan and landlocked Afghanistan pass through the city's busy modern port, centered on the island of Kiamari.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

Some of the crowd during the outreach.

KINSHASA, REPUBLIC OF CONGO (ANS) -- Thousands of people in the war-ravaged land of the Democratic Republic of Congo have found spiritual healing in the form of love and miracles from a group of Korean Christians.


Some 700,000 Congolese crowded into a venue in the capital city of Kinshasa for the “2006 DRC Miracle Healing Festival” led by Dr. Lee Jae-Rock, senior pastor of the 100,000-member Manmin Joong-Ang Church based in Seoul that took place from February 16 to 18.

Dr. Lee prays for the sick.

“It was an amazing sight each night when Dr. Lee prayed for the sick and we saw many miracles including the blind receiving their sight, including a little boy who was able to see for the first in his life,” said Johnny Kim, Director of Manmin TV. “We saw deaf mutes hear and speak for the first time and also paralytics who were brought in wheelchairs stood and were able to walk by themselves.”

The huge crowds were entranced with the various Korean worship groups who danced in African style and sang in French and Lingala, as the large audience joined in and clapped, swayed and sang along with them.


Werason, the ambassador of peace for Africa, shown with Johnny Kim.

Congo’s famous pop singer, Werason, who is also known as the “Ambassador of Peace for Africa” caused a sensation when he appeared on stage and began singing a praise song acappela.

“Before the meeting began, Werason came to see Dr. Lee at his hotel and asked him to pray for his wife that she might have twin sons,” said Johnny Kim. “He said that if this occurs, he promised to testify wherever he goes to what happened.”

President Joseph Kabila with Dr. Lee Jaerock

Before the first night of the festival, DR Congolese president Joseph Kabila invited Dr. Lee to the presidential palace for a friendly dialogue.

With him was Johnny Kim, who said, “President Kabila expressed his appreciation to the Dr. Lee for visiting DR Congo to conduct the crusade, and asked him to pray for stability in his country so that they might have a successful general and presidential election in the near future.

“So when Dr. Lee began speaking each night, he said that DR Congo is the third largest land mass with so many natural resources but to experience the blessing of God those there had to be united in the name of Jesus Christ.”

A boy who has received the sight.

Kim went on to say, “This crusade was held with support from political, economical leaders as well as from the church leaders and the local press. Many of the prominent members of DR Congolese society said they anticipated great blessing from God through the crusade in the days to come. Rev. Lee Jae-Rock and the mission team were welcomed by the church leaders including Bishop Albert Kankienza, the president of Revival Churches in DRC as well as hundreds of local evangelical Christians with a special traditional Congolese performance at the KINSHASHA International Airport. They also had a press conference at the VIP room with many local media including the national TV and radio network, RTNC.”

“On the first night, there was a sudden rainfall in Kinshasa which cooled down the heat and drove away the insects for the congregation gathered in the stadium. Pastor Peter, the interpreter from English to Lingala (the local language) said, ‘We consider rain here in Kinshasa the blessing of God. Tonight we have rainfall which symbolizes the blessing of God to us.’ Dr. Lee spoke on the first night on ‘Why is Jesus Our Only Savior?’ He also testified to countless instances of the work of God’s power manifested through Manmin and around the world in the name of Jesus Christ. The crowd responded with a big applause as the urgent and powerful experiences of the Holy Spirit, accompanied by the manifestation of the powerful works of the living God, took place.

“On the second day, the rain just poured down and when the team got to the stadium where the outreach was to take place, there was just a small crowd of about 3,000. But amazingly, the rain stopped when the sermon was to begin and people then began pouring into the stadium to hear the message called ‘God, the Creator.’”

A healed lame with his crutches.

Again, many received Christ as their savior and also many others said they were healed.

“VIPs who sat on stage, included Dr. Jaynet Kabila; the chairperson of the Kabila Foundation and the acting first lady), H.E. Azarias Ruberwa, the vice president of DRC. Madam Lylian Bemba, the wife of vice president BEMBA of DRC, the daughter of the president of REPUBLIC OF CONGO(Brazaville) and cabinet ministers, senators, governors with pastors from Nazareth of Israel and a former higher official from Dubai.

On the final night, when there was no rain an estimated 500,000 poured into the area where the stage was set up and enjoyed the singing and dancing and then listened intently to Dr. Lee speaking on “The Power of the Holy Spirit.”

He introduced many stories of miracles that had previously taken place around the world on large video screens and then when he prayed for the sick, a large number filled up the stage and many spoke publicly about what had happened to them.

“Dr. Lee prayed specially for the blessing of the people and the country of DRC in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Jaynet Kabila expressed her impression saying, "The message on ‘Why is Jesus our only Savior.’ was so good. Dr. Lee is truly a man of God I appreciate him for his visiting and conducting the crusade in this country, Democratic Republic of Congo for the peace and blessing from God."

The crusade was broadcast live through national run RNTC TV (Radio Nationale et Television Congolaises), as well as around the world via satellite channels including TBN Russia, JBN, FCN, CDM, Holy God TV, CNL, CTNI LATINOAMERICA, BETHESDA, Asomavision GUAYAQUIL, Asomavision QUITO, CANAAN TV, Almavision, Cristovision, Manmin TV, and the Internet.

Throughout the week, DRC daily newspapers, including Le Potentiel one of top newspaper, have been running stories on the crusade.

The outreach ended on February 18 and in the morning of that day, the country experienced an historic moment when they signed a new constitution that will pave the way for upcoming general and presidential elections. The signing of the new constitution took place in front of the Presidents of South Africa and the Republic of Congo.

In what some experts call the deadliest humanitarian crisis of the last 60 years, an estimated four million people have died in Congo, mostly from hunger and disease, since a civil war began in 1998. It ended officially in 2003, but deaths continue.

Dr. Lee’s next outreach is scheduled for June 30 – July 2nd in Meadow Corona Park in New York City.

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From a member of the Young Communist League to Spiritual Diplomacy in the Kremlin for Jesus Christ

From a member of the Young Communist League to Spiritual Diplomacy in the Kremlin for Jesus Christ
That’s the extraordinary transition that Mikhail Morgulis has made

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

Mikhail Morgulis in Seoul, South Korea

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (ANS) -- Mikhail Morgulis, a Ukrainian native who is now president of Christian Bridge International (CBI), has had an extraordinary life. He was once a member of the Young Communist League and is now leading a movement called Spiritual Diplomacy, where is able to share about Jesus Christ with world leaders.

Morgulis is a well-known writer in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and throughout the countries of the former USSR. While still living in the Soviet Union, he was awarded the First Prize in Literature by the communist government in 1972. He underwent a spiritual transformation to become a prominent Christian leader who in 1987 was the first to broadcast Christian programs on state-owned radio stations inside the USSR.

Prior to that his message was heard on many Christian radio programs in the world, and millions of believers and nonbelievers in the former Soviet Union are familiar with his voice.

In 1991, he led a delegation of well-known American Christians to Moscow to visit the Supreme Soviet (Parliament), the Council of Ministers, the KGB and the Kremlin. There, for the first time in history, Morgulis prayed in front of KGB generals and other senior officers. In the Kremlin, where the delegation was received by Mikhail Gorbachev, he also prayed, and President Gorbachev prayed with him.

Mikhail Morgulis enters into worship in Seoul, Korea

With help from friends, Morgulis has published hundreds titles of Christian books in Russian. He is well connected with numerous notable people in government and business in America and Russia not to mention his connections within the Christian world. He has helped American Christian businessmen make important connections in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other Eastern-bloc countries. He has also spearheaded humanitarian efforts for those in need in the region such as orphans, the homeless, the children of imprisoned women in Mozhaisk, families of the Kursk tragedy and, more recently, families that lost their children in the Beslan terrorist attack, to mention only a few.

I met up with this thoroughly likable dynamo of a man recently in Seoul, South Korea, at the Manmin Joong-ang church’s 24th anniversary celebrations and the first anniversary of the Global Christian Network and he agreed to talk about his life and ministry.

Morgulis began explaining his background back in Ukraine.

“My father was one of the leaders of the Communists of Ukraine and my mom was an atheist. I was also a member of Young Communist League,” he said in our interview. “I studied in a Soviet university, of course, and there we talk about God with humor; it was a regular situation. So I come from an atheistic background, but now it’s has all changed. I live and work and pray only for one name; that of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

I then asked him how he became a Christian.

“It’s a long story,” said Morgulis. “It began the first time I met with Christians person. I was a young journalist in the Soviet Union and I noticed this Christian person in a train terminal praying before he ate his food in the restaurant. In those days in the Soviet Union, it was very dangerous thing to do because the police could arrest you and you could be automatically sent to prison for three years.

“So I asked him why he was thanking God for his food and he began to share with me. He was the first Christian who ever told me about God. He said that we needed every day to thank God for our bread and our life. It was because of this man that I found Jesus Christ in my own life.”

Morgulis finally moved to the United States and has become deeply involved with what he calls Spiritual Diplomacy.

“The Spiritual Diplomacy project started in 1991 and I was able to organize the first official Christian delegation from United States to Russia,” he said. “We received an invitation from an official of the Soviet Government, and no Christian group had ever before received such an invitation.

Praying with the KGB

“There were 18 of us and we were the guests of the Minister of Defense, the Premier Minister, and the Parliament of the Soviet Union as well as the KGB. Philip Yancey, who came with us, later wrote book about it called Praying With the KGB.

“Finally, the then President of Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev invited us to the Kremlin. When we were with Mr. Gorbachev, I asked him it was would be possible to pray in the Kremlin. He told me, ‘Mr. Morgulis, the Kremlin is not a church,’ and then, after pause, he said, ‘but why not.’ So I started to pray about his mother, my mother and all people and I prayed ‘In Jesus Name!’.

“So Spiritual Diplomacy is a new spiritual political concept. After meeting in the Kremlin, we were in Ukraine. We met with the president of Ukraine and also the president of Georgia, and four times with the president of Belarus. We’ve also met with the Prime Minister of Israel before Mr. Sharon. Also, I have even prayed in the Knesset in Israel.

“I prayed with Palestinian Muslim leaders and this is all spiritual diplomacy. The idea is to stop any conflict religion, political, social, ethical conflict with use of the Christian message from the Bible.

“God has helped us many times. Some people, some people say it’s too naïve and I tell them that our example took place 2,000 years ago with one person who without soldiers, with no tanks or airplanes, won the war! It was Jesus Christ and we do not have any new examples to follow. We just follow Him and try, through love, to stop conflict in any country. And especially in the former Soviet Union, between countries and inside countries. This is our very simple idea.”

Morgulis then revealed that he is hoping soon to be able to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin and his wife Ludmila.

And to think it all began with a chance meeting with a Christian in a Soviet railway station…

For more information on this ministry, go to

Note: I’d like to thank Robin Frost for transcribing this interview.

Note note: An audio version of this interview is available for broadcast from Dan Wooding at

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Homeless in Paris

Friday, October 13, 2006

Homeless in Paris
Now he runs Holy God TV in France

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

SEOUL, KOREA (ANS) -- He lived as a homeless person on the streets of Paris for more than three years, but then he found Christ on a street in India, and now he is running a Christian TV channel in France.

Uthayakumar Gerard listening to English translation in Seoul church

His name is Uthayakumar Gerard and he is a Tamil who comes originally from Sri Lanka.

I met up with this extraordinary 43-year-old man recently in Seoul, South Korea, while he was attending the Manmin Joong-ang church’s 24th anniversary celebrations and the first anniversary of the Global Christian Network, and he agreed to tell his moving story.

Uthayakumar Gerard began by introducing himself. “I have lived in France now for the past twenty-three years. I am married and we have two boys and two girls.

“I am now running Holy God TV which started one-and-a-half years ago. It’s the first twenty-four Christian TV in France broadcasting in both Tamil, French and English.”

Gerard said that he first arrived in France in 1983 after fleeing his country following the killing of 13 Sri Lankan soldiers in an ambush by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) that had been formed as tensions increased in Tamil-dominated areas of the north and east of the country. The killings sparking anti-Tamil riots leading to the deaths of an estimated several hundred Tamils.

But his escape from the violence of Sri Lanka to Paris, France, turned into a nightmare for him as a seventeen-year-old.

“I stayed on the streets of Paris without a home for more than three years,” he said. “At that time there was not a lot of Tamils who wanted to accept me into their households, so I slept on the streets without anybody to help me.”

I asked him how he had survived the freezing winters of Paris during that period.

“It was very difficult,” he said, “but there were also a lot of French people also living on the streets, so I was not alone.”

Gerard said that his life began to change when a social worker who introduced him to a Catholic priest. “His name was Gerard and he picked me up from the street one day and gave me a room and food and everything. After that, when I decided to stay on in France, I changed my surname to Gerard because this man literarily saved my life.”

As he finally managed to get on his feet, Uthayakumar Gerard said that he became intrigued with the Roman Catholic faith and was able to study in a French seminary.

“I studied to become a priest,” he continued, “but I was not born-again at that time.”

He said that he studied for seven years at a theological university and also worked in a hotel and was able to become fluent in French.

However, in 1999, Gerard decided to visit India to see his family who were now living there.

“While I was walking on the street in Chennai (Madras) one day, I saw a man who began proclaiming Jesus Christ to me and he told me that I needed to be saved,” said Gerard. “I then went to a church in Chennai and there, I became a born-again Christian. I stayed one year in India and while I was there, a pastor prophesied over me and told me that Christ had given me an extraordinary call to go back to France to do a work there.

“So I returned, but when I got back to France, I couldn’t find any evangelical church to attend. After a year of searching I managed to find one small evangelical church and so I joined it and became a member and stayed there for several years. During that time, I got married. My parents chose my wife.”

Gerard said that eventually he began to pray about starting a Christian radio station, but when he shared the idea with friends, they just laughed at him and told him to “keep on praying”.

He went on to say, “So after the seven years, I started a church with just three members. We had a lot of problems in the area where I planted the church. There were a lot of Tamil and Sri Lankan and Indian people living there but nobody to look after them spiritually.

“Then we had the opportunity do an half-hour program on television and so we produced it. All of a sudden, I got a phone call from Norway from one Tamil Hindu family who had been experiencing many problems. They said they had been watching the program and, as a result, all seven members of that family were saved.”

After that encouragement, he said that he began producing six hours of programs, and he then began praying that he could produce programming for 24 hours a day.

Gerard was able to get the funding for the programming by selling three homes and a shop that he had acquired and eventually was able to launch Holy God TV on July 7, 2005.

“We have fifty percent our programs all in Tamil and other fifty percent we have in English and French. We have a lot of French people in our audience because this is the only evangelical Christian channel in the country.”

I asked him looking back, if he felt that his time as a homeless person had helped him with his new television ministry.

“When I was in Sri Lanka, I had never known what it was like to be hungry or poor,” he said. “But Jesus Christ wanted to do something here in France and He prepares each and everybody for His service. So I think that He permitted me to be to be in the streets to meet Him and then do a great job for His Kingdom.”

Gerard added, “We need lot of prayer support at this time. So I ask all the people to please kindly pray for personally for my family and for our TV ministry and our church.”

Uthayakumar Gerard can be contacted by e-mail at: and his website is:

Note: I’d like to thank Robin Frost for transcribing this interview.

Note note: An MP3 audio file of this interview is available for broadcast on request to Dan Wooding at

Dan Wooding is an award winning British journalist now living in Southern California with his wife Norma. He is the founder and international director of ASSIST (Aid to Special Saints in Strategic Times) and the ASSIST News Service (ANS). He was, for ten years, a commentator, on the UPI Radio Network in Washington, DC. Wooding is the author of some 42 books, the latest of which is his autobiography, "From Tabloid to Truth", which is published by Theatron Books. To order a copy, go to (Pictured: Dan Wooding with Uthayakumar Gerard in Seoul)

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

The 2nd International Christian Medical Conference Brings 500 Physicians From Around The Globe To A Predominantly Hindu Nation Of India

By WCDN Correspondent
Special to ASSIST News Service

CHENNAI, INDIA (ANS) -- More than 500 physicians from 11 countries gathered recently in Chennai, India, to present medical data about the work of healing manifested through the prayers of the Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, Founder and President of the World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN) and Senior Pastor of Manmin Joong-ang Church in Seoul, Korea, as well as others.

“Medicine Meets Faith”, the 2nd WCDN conference opened a new chapter on Christian medical science’s perspectives on “divine healing”.

One highlight was a special lecture by Dr. David Prentice, Ph.D. of the US on alternative measures based on the Bible for embryonic stem cell research, cloning and euthanasia.

One can easily see in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, how its citizens still vividly remember “The 2002 Miracle Healing Prayer Festival with Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee” held in October of that year. Chennai is a city rich in Christian history, as it was the place where the Apostle Thomas – one of Jesus’ Twelve Disciples – died a martyr while spreading the gospel here. Built in the city is St. Thomas Cathedral that attracts countless pilgrims each year.

More than three million people gathered during the four-days of 2002 India Miracle Healing Prayer Festival

The 2002 Healing Festival with Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee took place at Marina Beach, Chennai, and during the four days of the festival more than three million people gathered. This monumental festival is widely considered to have made a profound impact on Christian history. At the festival attended mostly by Hindus, Rev. Dr. Lee movingly testified to messages – e.g., “Why Is Jesus Our Only Savior?” – which were based entirely on the evangelical teachings of the gospel.

When Rev. Dr. Lee prayed for the sick from the pulpit during the festival, in the midst of the fiery and explosive work of the Holy Spirit a number of people experienced and testified to their healing. This scene of miracles was also broadcast live on India’s four television channels, and there were other countless people watching the Festival on TV who received healing and converted to Christianity.


The World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN) is an international Christian medical organization that addresses not only urgent questions facing the Christian medical community today, but it is also the first of its kind that objectively confirms and examines instances of healing by the power of God.

From May 30-31, 2005, The 2nd International Christian Medical Conference – “Spirituality & Medicine” under WCDN’s auspices took place at Hotel Taj Coromandel in Chennai, India.

This year’s conference brought together over 500 physicians, medical students, and medical experts from 11 nations, including Germany, the United States, Uruguay, and others. This conference featured presentations of the work of God the healer, panel discussions, and Special Presentations by world-renowned medical experts.

In his inaugural address, Dr. George M. Chandy, Director of Christian Medical College, Vellore (the largest mission hospital in Asia) of India observed that “God has given Christian physicians an ability to treat patients, and we ought to unite medical science and God’s power.”

Following the address from Dr. Paul Ponraj, Director of WCDN India (Senior consultant cardiothoracic surgeon at a prominent hospital in Chennai), Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, Founder and President of WCDN and Senior Pastor of Manmin Joong-ang Church on a recorded address introduced the power of God that can overcome the limits of medical science and encouraged the physicians gathered.

Rev. Dr. John Joseph, a prominent evangelist and prophet serving in southern India, movingly shared abundant grace with the audience. “What the doctors need today is the transformation of their spirits by the help of the Holy Spirit. Thanks to the teary prayers of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, this conference could be held today and it will bear many fruit in the days to come.”

Guest Lecture of Dr. T. M. Joseph (Dean of division of surgery at Medical Trust Hospital in Cochin) under the title of “The Priorities of a Christian Doctor in a secular world,” delved into ethics awareness of today’s Christian physicians. Dr. David Prentice, Ph. D. (Senior Fellow for Life Sciences at Family Research Council, a Washington D.C.-based think tank; and an affiliated scholar for the Center for Clinical Bioethics, Georgetown University Medical Center) who lectures at the United Nations and the U.S. Senate, addressed some of today’s controversial topics, including stem cell research, cloning and euthanasia, and presented alternative proposals based on the Word of the Bible.


Following the address on “divine healing” by Dr. Joonha Hwang M.D., Ph.D., Chairman of the WCDN, physicians from countries around the world presented the cases – backed by medical data – in which patients received healing by prayer. Out of the 21 cases presented, 18 of them were instances in which healing came by the prayer of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee.

Among the featured cases, Dr. Mutharasu (Neurologist at Bethany Health Care Centre in Chennai) presented the instances of Yoonsup Kim of Korea, who had been evaluated to be of the first-degree disability* after severely injuring his vertebrae, and a girl named Cynthia of Pakistan, who had been dying from Celiac Disease and colon obstruction – both of whom experienced complete healing after receiving Rev. Dr. Lee’s prayer.

Dr. Yoonseok Chae (General surgeon at Kwandong University Myongji Hospital) introduced the case of Bong-yun Han who has been completely healed of his stomach cancer. Dr. Jayashree Ponraj (Ophthalmologist) presented the case of Youngmi Yoo who has been completely healed of her Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease. Instances of healing of many other incurable and terminal diseases were also presented in a solemn atmosphere.

When the presentations of God’s healing were complete, the audience responded with applause and shared with one another the grace they had just received. Dr. Edith S. Tria (Medical specialist at Dept. of Health Central Laboratory in Manila, The Philippines) said, “It is wonderful to have collected data on healing by God’s power! I was particularly impressed by the cases of systemic lupus erythematosus of a doctor, tennis elbow tendonitis of a violinist, and hydrocele of a baby, all of which were healed by prayer. It is delightful to know that Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee is a pastor of God’s power, and I would like to read all of his written works.”

Dr. David Prentice observed: “Among the data I presented was a case of injecting adult stem cells into a patient who had injured his spinal cord and whose condition made a favorable turn. Yet, when comparing that case with the case of Yoonsup Kim who had been of the first-degree disability, I can see that healing by prayer is far more effective and successful. Many physicians in the U.S. today are praying for their patients and learning about God’s healing. I am confident that the data presented at this conference will enable many people to come to possess faith. I thank the WCDN for hosting this conference and it was a marvelous experience to meet and share the truth with physicians from all over the world.”

Throughout this conference, Manmin’s Performing Arts Team’s presentation of Korea’s traditional and modern dance routines and praise in many languages were a source of overflowing grace and excitement. From the beginning to the end, this conference proceeded in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

After each presentation of medical data, physicians had opportunities to ask questions and hear responses from presenters. Moreover, as physicians from 11 countries discussed the future of the WCDN, they exchanged ideas and opinions for further development of the Network.


Dr. Jorge Patpatian (Director, Uruguay’s Christian Medical Association) who had traveled over 30 hours from Uruguay to attend this conference, observed: “I had attended many international medical conferences before, but this was the first conference that focused on divine healing. I found every aspect of the conference – planning, topics, and presentations – fascinating, and researching of God’s healing by Christian doctors was a new experience for me. As a Christian physician myself, I believe in God’s power and I believe that He still manifests such works of healing even today, as He did in Jesus’ time.”

Dr. Paul Ponraj (Senior consultant cardiothoracic surgeon at a prominent hospital in Chennai) had been preparing for this conference in prayer since last year. When asked for his thoughts upon the completion of the conference, Dr. Ponraj responded, “At first, I wasn’t sure how this conference was to be held, so all I could do was pray. Then about two months prior to this conference, I could feel that God Himself was preparing for this event. WCDN’s President Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee invested the Organizing Committee with all the powers necessary for the conference, but as I see the result now, I know the conference unfolded exactly the way of the Holy Spirit desired it.”


Hon. Chairman of the Organizing Committee Dr. Philip R. Anbarasan, M.D., Ph.D. (Deputy medical superintendent and officiating director at a prominent hospital in Chennai) remarked, “This year’s Conference will be viewed to have opened a new chapter on Christian medical science’s perspectives on divine healing. Physicians in attendance have come to renew their faith in God the Healer and in their medical line. This conference could be a grand success and usher in a new chapter on Christian medical science because God had led us each step of the way, from the preparation phase to the end. I am certain that when these intellectuals of the highest degree who attended this conference stand upright when measured by God’s standards, they will lead the younger generations in their field onto the right path. That impact will be enormous and will lead many more people in the medical field to God. I believe that WCDN will continue to grow and play a vital role in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

During an interview after this conference, Dr. George M. Chandy (Director of CMC Vellore) said, “I think God has especially selected Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee to spread the gospel and show God’s power to countless people. He is someone who has received our Lord’s exceptional gift and power, and I ask Rev. Dr. Lee to share that gift and power with us.”

Many physicians and medical students in attendance confessed that they had come to believe the reliance on God’s power and the work of the Holy Spirit would enable them to carry out the task of more perfect healing, and requested that the medical conference be held continually not only on an international level but also in major cities in India.

For further information, please contact the World Christian Doctors Network(WCDN) via E-mail:  or go to their website at

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